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Amy Biggers

LOUIE Award-winning designer Amy Biggers grew up in the 60s in a creative household. Her mom would bring home art supplies and fun projects from her job as art teacher, and her dad was a fan of Krazy Kat, Thurber and Ronald Searle. The first drawing she did of herself is entitled, “Prunecess”; she had a pair of Mondrian-patterned bellbottoms; she wanted to marry Dick Van Dyke.

After college, Amy worked in New York as a graphic artist by day, and attended graduate school at Pratt at night. She taught some of the first computer graphics classes at the School of Visual Arts, and formed her design and illustration company, Snowpea Studio, in 2004.

Amy’s contemporary style is influenced by her love of modern art and her deep appreciation of anything funny. A passion for music, outdoor activities and cooking help fuel the design process. She’s very happy to count Great Arrow among her clients.
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