Annie Howe

From start to finish, each papercut is hand made. Annie begins with a simple sketch which is transferred onto the back of white 70 lb acid-free drawing paper. From there, Annie painstakingly cuts away any symmetrical details of the design, such as a border. She then meticulously works at cutting away smaller and smaller pieces of the papercut, until all elements are revealed. What emerges is a beautiful, illustrative papercut, infused with the touch of the artist’s hand. The team at Great Arrow then transforms the papercut into a colorful, hand silkscreened form of Annie's art.

Annie’s design R6607, “long winter’s nap,"" was named 2018 LOUIE Card of the Year and took home a LOUIE for Christmas/Seasonal!! Her Rosh Hashanah design, R6608, won for Religious Celebration!