Beans & Barley

Beans & Barley started in 1973 as a small health-food store with a
half-dozen crocks for bulk goods and two coolers. We’ve become a neighborhood specialty store, selling unique grocery items, gifts and greeting cards, with an all-homemade deli, whose soups, desserts and vegetarian specialties are waiting to be taken home to dinner seven days a week. Today, our Market, Deli and 80-seat

Cafe are among the busiest spots on the East Side of Milwaukee. Early in the summer of 1993, we literally became the hottest spot in town, when a spectacular blaze (fireballs and everything!) drove the lunch-hour crowd into the street, leaving us with just the foundation and one usable wall. Over the next year and a half, we developed plans, secured financing and by late Fall of 1994, standing in exactly the same spot where the old building had stood, we re-opened the doors to Beans & Barley.

1901 E. North Avenue | Milwaukee, WI 53202