About Us

Our Story

In 1984 we published our first line of six greeting cards in what was once the Pierce-Arrow automobile factory. We moved down the street and around a few corners to the other side of Delaware Park in 1995. We ended up in yet another refurbished auto plant – this one the former home to the Ford Model T and after that, Trico wiper blades. We rolled up our sleeves in the Tri-Main Center and started working on cards instead of cars. As our card line grew so did our need for more space. We expanded four times before settling into the 15,000 square foot studio that houses the whole shebang – design, printing, production, fulfillment, and sales. Our hand silkscreening process is even older than the turn of the century brick and mortar that surrounds us – now that you know where we are, why not check out how we make our cards.